Othopeadic Differential diagnostics

Surgery is always the last choice for treatment

Orthopedics surgery

Procedure description

The patient wants to be sure that his knee or hip is actually the cause of the problem, but the source could be something other than the joint itself, even if arthritis is visible on an MRI. If the patient actually has nerve or muscle pain, a joint replacement won't help him. The doctor can tell the difference if he does a careful physical exam, considers medical records, and compares it with the patient's functional changes of motion and posture.

Lots of patients suffer sore, stiffness, swelling, limited motion, etc. They passed imaging diagnostics like X-Ray, CT, MRI, and visited their doctors many times, but they still don’t know what’s the source of their complaints. Very often, we obtain enquiries for consultation or requests for an appointment for comprehensive differential diagnostics, but it’s usually too late. The problem is that most diagnostic methods are static, but the first phases of degenerative changes in joints, muscles, ligaments, or bones are presented by functional changes! Our orthopedic specialists perform a comprehensive examination, where the first step is physical and functional examination. The imaging diagnostics is completed in 2 steps, where the first step is usually function ultrasound, where observation of damaged area in the natural motion range is performed. This approach allows us to precisely define the location of the hypothetical anatomical structures causing the complaints, and target CT, MRI much more accurately and achieve much more relevant results from diagnostics.

The specialist considers all your medical records, findings from diagnostics, and explains to you all alternatives on how to fix your complaints. These methods can tell you if the planned treatment plan is the right one for the patient or if there are any other methods more efficient for the patient.

Surgery is always the last choice for treatment, and our patients appreciate it.


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