STEM Cells Therapy

primarily intended for patients with a diagnosis of joint osteoarthritis

Orthopedics surgery

Procedure description

Recent research shows that mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into other cell types like neurons, cardiac muscle cells, liver cells, and endothelial cells. This property of stem cells has become the mainstay of treatment of many diseases in which the body ́s own immune response is not sufficient to restore health. 


Stem cell therapy is primarily intended for patients with a diagnosis of joint osteoarthritis, whether being a gonarthrosis or coxarthrosis of the first and second degrees. Patients with advanced arthritis of the fourth degree stem cells can help to delay the total replacement of the joint with endoprosthesis, although these patients will later have to undergo joint replacement. Conversely, patients with milder forms of arthritis can expect after the treatment not only a long term improvement for 5 years and more, but the complete halt of degeneration of the affected joint as well. It should be noted that the result of the treatment is very individual. It is an easy procedure within a day surgery regimen, suitable for the higher age group of patients or patients at risk who, for health reasons, can not undergo surgery. Stem cell therapy may also be used in patients with known cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, even in patients with a pacemaker.

Stem cells help in a wide range of health problems, including, for example, heart diseases, diabetes, autoimmune, and age-specific diseases, but also recovery after sports injuries and sports accidents.


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