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Who we are - only the excellent specialists.

We are no marketers, we are doctors and medical specialists. Each of us has at least 15 years of international experience in health care usually in Europe, the USA, and Asia. We know that the guarantee of precious diagnostics and successful treatment is firstly the well-experienced specialist, his team and their equipment. These 3 factors are the most important for us and are the main keys for the strict selection of the XmedClinics group members. There are many nice places, there are many beautiful buildings, many wonderful panorama views, but there is a rare of hospitals with excellent specialists and patient management suitable for our patients' satisfaction and their successful and up to date treatment. In the UK we know hospitals with Proton beam but no specialist able to work with it. We see a lack of specialists in different parts of the world, limited access to comprehensive diagnostics and treatment, long waiting lists for medical procedures, but we also consider treatment results and complications which are not covered after the basic treatment and which negatively influence the quality of patient's life after treatment within 18 months after the procedure. This is a unique approach of XmedClinics. This approach is based on knowledge of leading medical specialists with documented statistics results of their many years' professional experience and international studies. This high-end medical approach is possible because we are not a marketer or an agency and we don't wait for replies from somebody else. There are only procedures which we can do excellent and there are procedúres we do not perform. It's simple. We put our names, our credibility, and our teammates' reliability on the table to be transparent and correct to all our patients. We believe this is the only way how the relationship between doctor, patient and patient's relatives can be built up and the only way how to select the right doctor, the proper treatment or auxiliary diagnostics.

We hope you'll appreciate our effort and consider it as the right choice for consultation of your health complaints, diagnostics, treatment or aftercare recondition.

Milan Vahovic, MD
Doctor with more than 18 years of experience and more than 4.000 patients annually, more than 1.200 patients with the joint hypermobile syndrome from Guatemala to Moscow.

What we do?

Comprehensive care, professionalism and first-class service at the highest level are the pillars on which we base ourselves. We provide a wide range of medical and spa care.

  • Experienced certified doctors and healthcare professionals
  • Personal assistance throughout the stay
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Terms on request
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Tailor-made leisure time plan

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