How to cooperate

How to cooperate

Why cooperate with us?

We provide comprehensive health and spa care for you, including 24-hour assistance. Of course, you have many chances to cooperate with agencies and ask them for help, but how many many opportunities do you have to cooperate directly with the well-experienced physicians? We do all our best so you can trust us and share your questions and consult your problem with us. If you consider that our diagnostic or treatment choice is the right one for you, then you can leave everything else to us. Step by step we will provide products according to your individual needs and requirements. We plan accommodation according to your wishes, handle the tickets, and plan your cultural activities and program.

Focused on you

We always look for the most effective modern techniques for you, techniques which guarantee high diagnostic success and follow-up treatments. Of course we show professionalism, high quality of care and a human approach. We emphasize the preservation of discretion throughout the diagnostic and therapeutic process, as well as in the provision of additional services. We specialize in offering medical and spa services for those personally-funded (both individuals and companies).

Cooperate with us

as an health insurance, health agency or local foreign hospital

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