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About Košice

Kosice is the second-largest city in Slovakia located in the Eastern part of Slovakia. 


This more than 700 years old town is a cultural center of a large area around registered in UNESCO. The city was chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2013.

Long tradition

Kosice is not only a center of history and culture but also an educational center with different types of universities, focused on medicine, pharmacology, natural science, technical science, and veterinary medicine. This combination defines the potential of the city as  the first-class medical, technological, pharmacological, and natural science education and innovative center. The high concentration of international investments and a wide range of internationally educated specialists brought the Kosice between the cities with the highest healthcare standards in the EU.  Most of the investments in the Kosice area are from the USA, which results in very high healthcare standards available there.

Orthopedics surgery
Orthopedics surgery

Unique treatement and the most experienced specialist

The best hospitals and private clinics are included in xMedClinics partnership and provide procedures of comprehensive diagnostics, preventive checkups, invasive cardiology, hepatology, vascular surgery, oncology, maxilla-facial reconstructive surgery, sports traumatology, orthopedic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy and stomatology.

Our typical patient in Kosice is an active person less than 50 years old looking in the EU for affordable and fast treatment or diagnostics with an opportunity to fix any results of diagnostics next business days and make him able to come back to the routine living activities at home asap.

International airport Kosice provides a periodic global connection to the world via Austrian Airlines, LOT, Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines, Ryanair, and other companies. 

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