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About Accommodiations & Transport

Travel organization can be very demanding and tiring. We provide you with a personal assistant to help you during each step of the way. Leave the search for flights and accommodation to our professionals, best specialists selection and travel without a care in the world!

  •  Assistance with flight booking
  •  Assistance with organizing accommodation per special rates
  •  Free Airport pick up/drop off services


Our customers are safe during all stay. Our concierge service begins on the airport and ends on the airport, where we manage all service associated to your arrival and departure, including airport assistance and baggage transport. In each city we have special vehicles suitable for different type of patients transport according to health statuts of customers. We know that details matter and different health conditions require specific conditions for transport, such as patients after hip replacement cannot entrance into the regular cars an nor patients with back sore etc.

Before you travel

All information about the area of your treatment with short and clear specification of health care standards, insurance, transportation, accommodation, cooking, weather, safety and living standards, bank system, free time activities recommendation and much more information are delivered to each customer as a part of  our service immediately after accepting the selected health care procedures by customer. If you want to see some crutial data right now, here they are:


  • Next week treatment
  • No waiting lists
  • Best price-value-safety ratio
  • Correct and transparent pricing
  • Individual approach for each case
  • The doctors other doctors trust most
  • Only High-end clinics
  • Comprehensive health care of complications
  • Express additional diagnostics
  • Individual treatment plan and financing
  • Personal accompanying from the arriaval till the departure
  • Complete Continuum of Care
  • Convenience and Privacy
  • Transparency – expert advice about medical conditions and challenges
  • Most experienced supporting medical teams guarantee

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