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Our doctors’ve worked with overseas patients and doctors many years. It doesn’t matter if our patients come from New York, Oslo, Berlin, Machester or Dubai. We’ve always considered their medical records, results of diagnostics and perform medical examination in details to compare present patient’s complainces, clinical symptoms with diagnostic results. Recommended/expected and needed treatment procedures should not be the same. Our specialists recommend only the treatment opportunities with the highest impact on your after-care quality of life, best prognosis, and best corresponding to your expectations and needs. Thank to these you can expect correct and serious recommendation based on experiences and evidence based medicine. 
Is my mother at any risk? We know the standards, availability and reliability of diagnostic methods in the different part of the world. Children younger than 3 years need a different diagnostic screening that older ones. Woman needs a different diagnostic screening when she is 14, when she is 20 or when she is 45, 55 or even older. 18 years old man need different diagnostics than 55 years one. We know it and for each patient we have an individual general diagnostic set.  Most of these screenings are performed within 24 hours and final results are delivered to patients’ doctor automatically.
’ve got a problem and nobody know what it is. We meet daily cases from all over the world, where patient’s present complaints and diagnostic conclusion from his home country are discrepant. In these cases we perform differential diagnostics to rethink strategy of performed diagnostics and consider other opportunities and afford treatments. This diagnostic approach consists of physical examination, considering all medical records, all diagnostic results and new additional diagnostic procedures necessary for final diagnose definition.
I want to know if I’m at the risk of cancer. These diagnostics are a part of general screening This diagnostics are performed in sets specially defined according to age, sex, personal history, family history and complaints of patients. There are specific tests for different form of cancers. (For prostate cancer, cervical cancer, thyroidal cancer, etc.)
Verify your endurance and performance such as the best world Olympic athletes do. If you are an athlete and want to verify your progress in performance, safety of your sport activities, know your risk of maximal performance, changes in metabolism and in physiology of different areas of the body like the heart, lungs, and muscles, and structural changes in cells, this is right for you. This checkup is performed at special national laboratories accredited by International Olympic Committee. This is a way for young professional athletes to compare effectiveness of their training or change their training program to achieve best results for successful comeback of lost skills crucial for success in different sports. It’s also a way for non-professional athletes to pass such an performance tests as the world best athletes do.
 All healthcare service necessary for safe surgery performance is included. If you decide for surgery at the XmedClinics you do not need to take care about your pre-surgery checkups. All of these checkups are performed as a part of srgery procedures. This checkup last usually 2-3 business days and are performed in advance of surgery. Each clinic and surgical procedures have different sets of pre-surgery checkups and exactly defined reliable specialists for such a checkup. Conclusions of this checkup are crutial for your indication for surgery and your risk stratification. The result of the checkup can broken your surgery performance, because of extra high risk associated with your present health status or comorbidities. We manage all of them for you as a standard, so you have a guarantee of preciously performed pre-surgery physical examination, blood tests or radiology screening.
Back home within 3 days In XmedClinics group there are selected the best clinics specialized on mini-invasive surgery also called as “one day” surgery. This treatment require 3 days of your time The first day is your presurgery checkup day, the second days is your surgical treatment day and the third is your departure day. In this for we perform most of general surgical, orthopedic, stomatological - dental, gynecological, esthetic and diagnostic surgical procedures. Most of these methods is performed in Slovak republic, where are the best presumptions for this form of treatment.
XmedClinics include highly speciliased clinics perfoming robotic assisted surgical procedures. DaVinci robotic assistance makes the treatment less traumatological and more precious, what is mostly used in cancer treatment of prostate, urina blade, kidneys and other organs. The advantage of this treatment is shorten time of necessary regeneration after surgery, smaller wounds and less pain after surgery. It’s important to frankly tell that the robotic assisted surgery is more and more popular,  but there are limits of proper indication and effectiveness of such a treatment is still a matter of medical research. All procedures of robotic assisted surgery is performed by leading specialist with the largest experiences with this special surgical methods. Most of these surgeries are performed in Czech Republic, that has the best developed center of this treatment.
Join implants, neurosurgery or cardiosurgery? We perform lots of massive surgical procedures. The most of them are orthopedic joint replacement, revisions of implants, vertebral discs impairment surgery, and oncological surgery. This massive surgery usually takes 2 weeks and very often it’s followed by physiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, proton therapy or medical spa therapy.
How to fix my pain? Pain is one of the most frequently treated symptoms all over the world. In the Central Europe there is a long lasting tradition of pain treatment. All methods are in contrafact to traditional Chinese medicine, but are built on evidence based medicine and experience based knowledge. Instead of impulsive therapy by steroids, opiods or other painkiller with wide spectrum of side effect and contraindications, pain treatment at our clinics is divided in 4 different but holistic approaches. The 1stone is based on functional pain identification and non-drug physiotherapeutical treatment with immediate pain relief. The 2ndon is based on combinated treatment by short-term application of pills, infusions or injection for pharmacological pain relief and following physiotherapeutical postural and functional correcton methods. The 3rdone is miniinvasive surgical or pharmacological treatment assisted by CT sken, X-rays or Ultrasound. The 4thone is invasive neurosurgical treatment or neurostimulator implementation.  Each of these form of treatment are recommended after precious diagnostics by the leading specialists.
Individually made new skull bones and their surgical applications. After cerebral trauma, oncological or neurological treatment or for malformation of face, head or any other body parts are required. Specialized laboratories, body tissue banks and specialized surgeon are involved in highly specialized XmedClinic group and are able to perform the most sophisticated procedures.
Instable walking, pain in the back, limited range of joints’ motion or daily activity limitations? The history of rehabilitation and physiotherapy in the Central Europe is since 17thcentury. High effective methods are focus not only on orthopedic or postrautmatic patients, but also on cerebral pulsy, sclerosis multiplex or after stroke rehabilitation. It’s a fact that this form of treatment is no very common in some countries as Russia, UK or Arabic countries, but results of Czech and Slovak rehabilitation is world-wide famous and the world knows founder of special physiotherapeutical methods based therapeutical approach improving independence of daily activities chronically sick people and achieve the best regeneration of functions of hands, arms, legs or spinal cord.
Are you tired from your surgery, chronical illness or oncological treatment? World knows a tradition of Czech, Slovak and Austrian medical spas. Healing natural sources have been many hundred years used to heal rheumatic pain, osteoarthritis, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, langs, diabetes, brain, spinal cord  or reactive skin illness, weakness after hard oncology, trauma or intoxication caused by aggressive treatment. These and many others illnesses can be effectively fixed and can be effectively prevented by specialized medical spa in Carls Bad, Marien Bad, Luhacovice, Jachymov, Piestany od Smrdaky.


  • Next week treatment
  • No waiting lists
  • Best price-value-safety ratio
  • Correct and transparent pricing
  • Individual approach for each case
  • The doctors other doctors trust most
  • Only High-end clinics
  • Comprehensive health care of complications
  • Express additional diagnostics
  • Individual treatment plan and financing
  • Personal accompanying from the arriaval till the departure
  • Complete Continuum of Care
  • Convenience and Privacy
  • Transparency – expert advice about medical conditions and challenges
  • Most experienced supporting medical teams guarantee

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