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About Prices & Offers & Waiting Lists

Our specialists have patients all over the world. We know that in many countries are offers of medical procedures restricted, in many countries is quality quastionaible, in many countries extremely expensive and in many countries there are long waiting lists with many restrictions limited direct access to serious diagnostics or treatment. Each country of the Central Europe has different living costs and different approach to the range of service included in treatment costs. Price are not the only difference. Higher price doesn’t mean better service or better treatment results.

XmedClinics are divided in 3 cathegories, The 1stone is focused on short term treatment, the 2ndone o 1 week treatment and the 3rdone to more than 10 days treatment.

Most of prices are on 30% of the USAs’, 50% of the Swiss, 70% of the German and 85% of the UKs’ average prices. Doplniť obrázok ceny a waiting lists pre Joint replacement.

Spectrum of diagnostic and treatment procedures is similar to the USA or Switzerland. Each patient obtained an offer with detailed of the procedure and offer of recommended set of services for successful diagnostic and therapeutical procedure performance and usual service combination selected by other customers.

We have no waiting list. Patients indicated for diagnostics or treatment can go for the procedure usually within 2 weeks. The limitations are usually associated with achievement of EU entrance visa. We help our customers to achieve EU entrance visa, insurances and other transportation documents needed, but they are very of depending on the different areas political, epidemical and social specifications.


  • Next week treatment
  • No waiting lists
  • Best price-value-safety ratio
  • Correct and transparent pricing
  • Individual approach for each case
  • The doctors other doctors trust most
  • Only High-end clinics
  • Comprehensive health care of complications
  • Express additional diagnostics
  • Individual treatment plan and financing
  • Personal accompanying from the arriaval till the departure
  • Complete Continuum of Care
  • Convenience and Privacy
  • Transparency – expert advice about medical conditions and challenges
  • Most experienced supporting medical teams guarantee

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