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About Security & Warranty

XmedClinics is a group of strictly selected prime health care facilities with the most successful medical specialists, uptodate equipment, modern infrastacture,  hygienic standards and the best quality of nursing and caregiving care during treatment. Many of our specialists perform their procedures in more hospitals, but we always select and invite to XmedClinics only these hospitals, which are able to achieve the standard of service, safety and warranty corresponding to XmedClinics banchmarks and our customers needs. We are proffesionals and therefore we do not only care if the building of clinics is beautiful. We care if the system of health care in the clinic cover the critical situation management for the patient, complication treatment warranty, system of follow-up care after overseas patient is at home and many many more conditions, which are not considered by other providers of healthcare for overeseas.

The level of expertise and the quality of our services are much above international average and are comparable with top 100 hospitals in the USA.

Why choose us as your health destination?

  • Safety first. We do not perform procedures, which risk are higher than potential benefits.
  • We know that prime clinic doesn’t necessary mean the best for you.
  • We know that patient need the best specialist, not the most beautiful building.
  • The best specialist is not always the most presented in media, but very often is modest, silent behind the scene.
  • The best specialist is this one, who has the best success rates of treatment and most experiences with its complication fix.
  • You can buy any certificates, but you cannot buy honor and authority from the patients and colleagues.
  • Patients’ satisfaction is not based only on the treatment standards, but on all environment around it.
  • Patient from abroad needs full-time personal support during all his stay.
  • We’ve always had your back.
  • Highly educated and specialized medical staff
  • All procedures performed only by the renewed medical specialists
  • Best equiped healthcare facilities
  • Latest diagnostic and treatment methods
  • We are specialised on treatment for overseas patients
  • Full-time proffesionals managing all parts of your medical trip
  • Comprehensive service for you and companies during your stay
  • Satisfied clients from all over the world (from Guatemala to Russia)



  • Next week treatment
  • No waiting lists
  • Best price-value-safety ratio
  • Correct and transparent pricing
  • Individual approach for each case
  • The doctors other doctors trust most
  • Only High-end clinics
  • Comprehensive health care of complications
  • Express additional diagnostics
  • Individual treatment plan and financing
  • Personal accompanying from the arriaval till the departure
  • Complete Continuum of Care
  • Convenience and Privacy
  • Transparency – expert advice about medical conditions and challenges
  • Most experienced supporting medical teams guarantee

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