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Orthopedics surgery

Procedure description

We meet very often with patients who have passed many diagnostic procedures and physician examinations, but they still cannot say what's their problem and what's caused by. They have lots of different information but are not able to make a final decision and decide on any recommended treatment. Sometimes patients cannot accept the surgical procedure, sometimes they do not feel relief they have been expecting, and from time to time patient strictly use recommended medication and perform all recommended changes in their lifestyles, but do not achieve any significant relief or they suffer even more now.

Expert consultation is an individual examination at the prime European or American specialist’s medical office and opportunity to hear an opinion of an independent European or American specialist, who will summarise all medical records, compare diagnostic results from the past with the latest one, consider the effect of previous treatment with the present complaints, and give relevant opinion and recommendation of next treatment, auxiliary diagnostics, and potential prognosis.

The typical questions are:

  • Does my patient have to go for spinal surgery when he is only 30, and he feels sore in his tight only in the morning, despite a presentation of back spine disc herniation?
  • Is it the right time now to go for orthopedic surgery when my daughter felt sore and swelling in her knee in the past, but after physiotherapy, she feels much better?
  • My father feels dizziness, but the neurologist does not found any pathology which can cause such a complaint?
  • My employee has prostatic cancer, but his insurance doesn't cover the recommended treatment. Is it the only possible treatment for him, or is there any other more affordable option for him?

If your employee, customer, patient, friend, or a family member needs to see the comprehensive big picture of his complaints with an exact explanation of available or recommended treatment, xMed expert consultation is the right way for it.


  • Next week treatment
  • No waiting lists
  • Best price-value-safety ratio
  • Correct and transparent pricing
  • Individual approach for each case
  • The doctors other doctors trust most
  • Only High-end clinics
  • Comprehensive health care of complications
  • Express additional diagnostics
  • Individual treatment plan and financing
  • Personal accompanying from the arriaval till the departure
  • Complete Continuum of Care
  • Convenience and Privacy
  • Transparency – expert advice about medical conditions and challenges
  • Most experienced supporting medical teams guarantee

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