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Synonyms for spiroergometry are ergospirometry, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, and metabolic performance testing.

The primary purpose of the spiroergometric test in medicine is to observe and discover specific symptoms and ECG changes, which are hidden during an examination at rest, and occur only under physical stress and can thus be diagnosed much easier and at an earlier stage by this method.

Its application before invasive or high-cost procedures in large groups of patients with heart disease and lung disease has many advantages. The test is crucial for patients with planned massive surgery such as lobectomy of lungs, complicated surgery of chest and abdomen, amputation, cardiac surgery, transplantation, etc. The test can define the maximal range of surgery and stratify the risk ratio of sudden death and postsurgical complications.

Spirometry is the gold standard in sports medicine; it is more precise than any other performance test and may well reveal a few surprises concerning the IAT (individual anaerobic threshold) and training requirements previously assumed or tested.

The result of the test is an exact maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) as an important predictor for endurance performance. Spiroergometry also allows precise determination of individual intensity ranges and training ranges for endurance training as well as metabolic pathways (carbohydrate and fat metabolism).

Reducing the weight and body fat by fitness or sports is a unique way of spiroergometry use. This test can determine the exact point of heart rate and stress, where fat burning is at the maximum level. In contrast to all other existing measuring methods, spiroergometry is the most exact test. This advantage is often used as a preparation for bariatric surgery, for training before the comeback of athletes after rest caused by injury, surgery, cancer, etc.

Spiroergometry involves the parallel examination of reactions of a person’s heart, lung, vascular, and metabolic system while under physical stress. In some cases, it is the only way to comprehend physiopathological mechanisms, such as in severe pulmonary vascular disease without direct hypertension, in the patent foramen ovale with left-right shunt development during exercise, in exertional dyspnea, and in exertional hypoxemia, among others.


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