Arthroscopic surgery

ACL/PCL arthroscopy

Orthopedics surgery

Procedure description

Joint arthroscopy is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional open surgery. It's a surgical method in which an orthopedic surgeon uses a small lighted camera and miniature surgical tools to diagnose and/or repair joints from within, using several tiny incisions, rather than a single large one. The patient typically returns home in a matter of hours, and the patient's recovery is reduced to just a few weeks, depending on the particular case.

Arthroscopy is used as a diagnostic or treatment method. As a diagnostic method, it is used to examine unexplained pain, swelling, or repetitive strains. As a treatment, it is used to fix torn soft tissues in the joints, removal of inflamed synovium(lining) of the joints, removal of loose bone or cartilage of the joints, and around them. 

This method is most frequently used to stabilize the knee and provide the function required for running, walking, turning, pivoting, sports, athletics, and almost anything activity related.  Most knee ligament injuries occur in isolation and will involve just one ligament. However, in cases where extreme trauma occurs, such as a direct blow to the knee, or a fall from a height, or motor vehicle accident, several knee ligaments can be injured or torn at the same time. It is known as a combined ligament injury or a multi-ligament injury. These specific types of injuries require specialized treatment and attention from a skilled surgeon. xMed Specialists are experts in performing combined ligament surgeries and provide patients with optimal care so that they can best return to their normal activities following these serious injuries.

Our specialists also perform arthroplasty. It's an orthopedic surgical procedure where the articular surface of a musculoskeletal joint is replaced, remodeled, or realigned by osteotomy or some other procedure. It is an elective procedure that is done to relieve pain and restore function to the joint after damage by arthritis or some other type of trauma.


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