Robotic assisted prostatectomy

with the da Vinci system

Orthopedics surgery

Procedure description

Robotic surgery with the da Vinci system (Intuitive Surgical®, USA) is the most sophisticated medical minimally invasive procedure performed with the assistance of advanced surgical technology and an experienced laparoscopic surgery team. The method allows surgeons to operate on the prostate with enhanced vision, control, and precision.

In­tegration of modern computer technologies, digital imaging, and robotic technologies are now bringing opportunities to improve results of surgical procedures. One of the greatest ad­vantages (in comparison to standard laparoscopy) is that the image of the operation field is three­dimensional and mag­nified. Further significant advantages are the instruments them­ selves. Laparoscopic instruments only allow for rotation and have only one joint. Robotic instruments with the technology of Endowrist® not only mimic but even surpass the movements of a human hand, because all the joints are near the very tip of the instruments, allowing maneuvers in the previously inaccessible spaces. These advantages greatly enhance surgeon dexterity, precision, and reduce the number of false movements. Robotic technology is ideally suited to decrease the technical difficulty in the most demanding oncological and recon­structive procedures.

Results from xMedClinics also confirm the benefits for patients after da Vinci prostate­ctomy, such as a shorter hospital stay, quicker convalescence, better early continence, and potency rate. This clear be­nefit is not only for urological oncology surgery (robotic nephre­ctomy, lymphadenectomy, adrenalectomy, kidney resection, nephroureterectomy, etc.) but also for reconstructive uro­logical surgery – pyeloplasty and also for gynecological oncology, cardiothoracic and vascular reconstructive procedures.


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